Parish Safeguarding Officers


The role of Parish Safeguarding Officer is about ensuring people, including church officers and volunteers, are aware of and understand the safeguarding measures needed in our churches so that our places of worship are inclusive and safe for all. It is both proactive and responsive. This means supporting others in parish roles to meet their safeguarding responsibilities and, as needed, responding to any specific safeguarding concern.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer plays a key role in making good safeguarding happen at parish level, and the dedication and commitment of Parish Safeguarding Officers across the Diocese is something we are all extremely grateful for.


Your responsibilities as Parish Safeguarding Officer, set out in the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy and national policy,  are based on safeguarding best practice and compliance, for which communication, reporting and record keeping are essential.


The Parish Safeguarding Officer Toolkit, developed by the Diocese, brings together in one place the policy, guidance and resources to help you in understanding and performing your role as Parish Safeguarding Officer.

The Parish Safeguarding Dashboard is an online administrative tool rooted in safeguarding actions which are necessary under the Church of England Promoting a Safer Church Policy and the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy. It is free to parishes, well established and widely used and is a key resource for Parish Safeguarding Officers.

The Diocese provides regular support and training, including Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction and Parish Safeguarding Officer Meetings, and named contacts to support you in your role.

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