PCC Treasurers

The Treasurer’s mission 

The Treasurer is the church’s trusted officer who looks after its funds; the income, expenditure and reserves, in support of its ministry, mission and for the common good. 
The Treasurer performs an essential part of the ministry at the centre of stewardship and as an administrator, it is a key ministry in every church 
(1 Corinthians 12:28). 

A shared mission

Finance and good stewardship are not solely the Treasurer’s responsibility. Finances and funding both inform and are informed by the operational and strategic realities of running a church and cannot be managed in isolation. 
All trustees in the PCC must understand finance as their business, as it is their joint responsibility and a matter of charity law. The financial integrity and performance of the Treasurer will support the PCC and the whole congregation in worshipping and furthering their church’s mission. 

The Treasurer’s Role

The Treasurer is the Parish lead in undertaking a range of accounting functions which comprise:

  • record keeping
  • financial monitoring 
  • managing and protecting funds
  • financial reporting 

A Treasurer is always a bookkeeper, financial planner and compliance officer. There is also a vital role for the Treasurer in supporting the giving and raising of funds through donations, gift aid, legacies and grants.
The Treasurer’s role has regular monthly responsibilities of recording receipts, making payments and bank reconciliations within an annual cycle which is summarised here
The Treasurer achieves their responsibilities through being a respected and competent team member, good communicator and collaborator, and a trusted colleague.

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