The Bishop's Council

The Bishop’s Council acts as Standing Committee for Diocesan Synod - so decision-making and updates on work in progress continue in between Diocesan Synod meetings.

The Bishop’s Council serves as Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC) and Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF) concurrently, so the membership and matters for discussion are the same across the three bodies.

Its other main roles are to advise the Bishop and Diocesan Synod on matters of policy and forward planning, to consider and recommend to Diocesan Synod a budget produced by the DBF and to consider the annual accounts of the DBF.

You can view the full list of Bishop's Council members here.

The role of Bishop’s Council as DBF

  • As DBF, the Council is a statutory body, established under the Diocesan Boards of Finance Measure 1925 and a company registered under the Companies Act
  • It is also a registered charity and members are therefore charity trustees
  • The DBF acts as the financial executive of the Diocese, is responsible for preparing the annual budget and accounts of the Diocese, and acts in accordance with the policy and directives of Diocesan Synod
  • Also, the DBF holds properties and investments in support of the clergy in the diocese and also as Custodian Trustee on behalf of parish and church school trusts
  • Additionally, the DBF deals with a range of other matters such as risk management, contracts for buildings and services, insurance and the employment of the Board’s staff

 The role of Bishop’s Council as DMPC

  • As DMPC the Council carries out the responsibilities identified under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 including reviewing the arrangements for pastoral organisation in the diocese (eg deanery planning, changes to parishes and benefices, church closures, Bishop’s Mission Orders).

Members of the Bishop's Council

Ex officio

  • The Bishop of Durham
  • The Bishop of Jarrow
  • The Dean of Durham
  • The Archdeacon of Auckland
  • The Archdeacon of Durham
  • The Archdeacon of Sunderland
  • The Chair of the House of Clergy of Diocesan Synod
  • The Chair of the House of Laity of Diocesan Synod
  • The Chair of the Finance Group 


  • Three elected clergy members (one from each Archdeaconry)
  • Nine elected lay members (at least one from each Archdeaconry)
  • One elected lay member from the Diocesan Youth Council

Meeting dates for Bishop’s Council


October 24th
December 1st


January 20th - 21st
March 6th
April 27th
June 8th
July 13th
September 12th
October 19th
November 27th

Bishop’s Council papers

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