Mini missionaries 'Homegrown'

Mini Missionaries ‘Homegrown’ in the Diocese of Durham is a child-led project which will create events and activities for children, young people and families to share God's love in the communities we live in.

In this Diocese, we have a Children’s Council made up of 17 children aged 8-13 years old. We are one of just two dioceses in the Church of England to have a diocesan Children’s Council and we have been working on sharing our faith with others and as a group of 'Mini Missionaries'. 

The children came up with the idea that they would like to create mission events in their own churches - and 'Homegrown' was born!  

Here are some things children say about it:

"We know that there are many children and families in our communities who may not have had the opportunity to hear about how much God loves them." 

"We want to run different events in our own churches and communities where we can have fun, share food, get to know people and share our faith." 

Mini Missionaries ‘Homegrown’ will allow us to host a number of activities and events which the children will be responsible for in the individual churches of the Children’s Council members, where they can invite children and families and young people from their own schools and communities to come along, have fun, participate in different activities, share food and hear more about how much God loves them. 

Their eagerness to share God’s love within their own communities is inspiring and we hope ‘Homegrown’ will be a blessing to all who are involved.

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