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Petertide Ordinations 2022 - Deacons

Congratulations to our 9 ordinands who will become deacons this Petertide.

The weekend of ordinations over 2 to 3 July will see 9 people begin their ordained ministry as deacons and 15 people join the priesthood.

Our soon-to-be deacons will be serving their titles in parishes across our Diocese – please give them a warm welcome if you see them in your parish.

You can click here to watch the Ordination of Deacons at 10am on Sunday 3 July.

You can view the Durham Ordinations prayer card here.

You can find out more about each of our ordinands becoming Deacons below...

Michael Baldwin

To serve Upper Weardale

My name’s Michael Baldwin and I have just finished my third year at Cranmer Hall as part of a three-year BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission.  

My journey towards ordination has been one of personal growth and development alongside a journey of sacrifice and challenges. During the good and the bad times, I have tried to remember to keep my eyes fixed on the love of God and to know that this call to ordination is to share this love with others.

Training for ordination has allowed me to go deeper into community and in study helping me to see and participate in the diversity of the church and God’s people. This has been highly rewarding and enriching.

As ordination approaches, I feel ma mixture of excitement and joy but also there are nerves. I hope through the help of community and God’s grace I can share God’s love with others serving God and the community of Upper Weardale faithfully.

Amanda Boyd

To serve Hillside

My name is Amanda, I am married to Alastair; we have two children and an exuberant chocolate Labrador. I will be in self-supporting ministry, serving my curacy, in my home church in the parish of Hillside.

My Christian walk changed dramatically after attending the J. John (J10) mission in Lobley Hill. I became heavily involved in the life and work of Hillside parish, firstly as part of the welcome and hospitality team and then as a member of the PCC, the Preschool Management Committee, Safeguarding Officer, and many other groups within the life of Hillside.

As my ordination approaches I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions, nervous, excited and joyous. I am presently studying for a BA in Theological Mission and Ministry, something else I never thought possible. I know my trust and faith in God and with God anything is possible.  

Louise Bryson

To serve Holy Trinity, Seaton and St John the Baptist, Greatham

So, the journey towards being an ordinand and moving onto Curacy soon has been a journey of discernment, prayer and various conversations. I was baptised as a baby but didn’t grow up in the church. However, I came back to church and faith in sixth form. During my time studying in Durham, I had a vision in a moment of prayer where God asked me to lead his people, and this was something I continued to reflect and discern for the 2 years following and expanding my knowledge of the Christian faith and Church of England alongside it too.

I’ve spent 2 years training full time at Westcott House in Cambridge which has given me some amazing placement opportunities a sustained prayer life and great sense of community. It’s been hard work studying, taking part in community life and going to placement, but it’s helped to learn about juggling several roles at once and serving God in the midst of them.

It’s not long until the ordination service and things are beginning to fall into place and it feels a bit more real. It’s an exciting time, but also quite nerve racking too as it’s a step up being in a different role, in a different place with different responsibilities from being an Ordinand. But one thing I hold onto is that this is all God’s work and something he has called me to. He is the one who prepares our hearts and minds through the power of prayer and the holy spirit for this next part of the journey.

Anita Burke

Emma Harte-Waters

Rachael Phillips

James Scott

Simon Spencer

Jason Wratten

To serve Jarrow and Simonside

The church has always been a part of my life growing up. My mum, and my grandma before her, were both teachers in the Sunday school and have been a huge influence on my faith. After joining the children's choir when it started, I have always had a role in my church, eventually serving at the altar, which I did for ten years. Alongside this, I worked as an apprentice chef in a pub for four and a half years. It's my time in this role which allowed me to grow in confidence to be able to hear, and more importantly act on God's call for my life.

Before studying at Cranmer Hall, I spent five years exploring my call to ordained ministry, three of which were spent as a ministry assistant. My time at Cranmer has been fulfilling and provided me with a good footing with which to move into ministry, but not without challenge. The relationships formed here will undoubtedly carry me through my ministry for many years to come. 

I look forward to working with the people of Jarrow and Simonside, growing with them, and learning what they have to teach me. I approach ordination with a slight trepidation, knowing the weight of what I am called to, which is tempered by a great excitement in where and what God is calling me to.

First published on: 17th June 2022
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