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Joyous confirmation services within the Durham Diocese

By Revd Lissa Scott , Heighington Parish Priest

It was a great joy to celebrate with 11 students from Heighington school, as well as a member of St Matthew and St Luke’s in Darlington, as they were confirmed at St Michael’s, Heighington on Tuesday 19 October.

This was a long awaited moment as the confirmation was scheduled for July, but had to be postponed because of Covid infections.

The young people all wrote testimonies in which they explained why they wanted to be confirmed and what it meant to them. They spoke about their desire ‘to be part of the church and God’s family’ and how they saw confirmation and taking part in communion as ‘the next step on their journey’ and ‘a way to feel closer to God’.

One student wrote: “hearing bible stories and discussing things in RE lessons, and singing songs about God and Jesus, helped me to understand more about God and made me want to know more.”

Several candidates explained how seeing older brothers and sisters being confirmed, and seeing how much it meant to them, encouraged them on their own faith journey, until they knew it was ‘the right decision’ for themselves. They also said how good it was to have family members, teachers and school leaders to ask questions and to inspire them: “to want to know more about God, to follow Jesus and to remember Jesus’ sacrifice when taking communion.”

The older students at the school regularly attend our midweek services, as well as our all age services, and are an important part of our worshipping community, so it is lovely to have another 11 coming into full membership.

We are now just beginning to prepare the next group of candidates for a confirmation in Spring of 2022 – which hopefully will not have to be delayed!

First published on: 9th November 2021
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