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A GATHERing of Faith and Fellowship with Film Crew in Attendance

In the heart of the picturesque Teesdale, under the setting sun, a new congregation of believers came together at the start of September – this time at Ingleton Pavilion. Hosted by Gather Church Teesdale this event was a testament to unity, community, and the timeless teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Gather Church Teesdale is a new church plant and part of the Cultivate 100, an ambitious and energised project aiming to establish 100 diverse church plants across Durham Diocese.


A Stunningly Picturesque Setting
Nestled amidst the beautiful rolling countryside of Teesdale, Ingleton Pavilion offered breathtaking views stretching for dozens of miles up towards the sunlight-bathed fells in the upper dale. It was a place where attendees could reflect on just how beautiful natural spaces can be as they shared food together, listened to fantastic local musicians lead us in worship, and to make the most of such a blessed opportunity to connect with the divine through Creation's beauty. As the evening sun cast its warm glow it added to the ambiance, reminding all present of God’s handiwork. The gathering provided not only nourishment of faith but also culinary delights, too - a tantalising assortment of cakes and savoury quiches adorned the tables – some of the bakers were so good they really should be trying their hand at the next season of Bake-Off!


Guided by the Word
Reverend Canon Michael Everitt led the congregation in an exploration of Psalm 23. Through his gifted guidance the timeless wisdom of the psalm resonated with those in attendance, offering comfort and strength in their (perhaps just beginning) faith journey. Just over fifty individuals attended the event with a large amount of them not regularly worshipping elsewhere, forming a diverse assembly of all ages. It showcased the power of faith to bring people together, transcending age and background.


Harmonious Collaboration
The gathering placed a special emphasis on the value of intergenerational fellowship, resonating with the age-old wisdom encapsulated in Proverbs 16:31, which tells us that: "Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life." The presence of seasoned believers alongside young newcomers added depth to the experience, affording those worshipping an opportunity to glean from the wealth of life experience embodied by their more seasoned counterparts.

The collaboration between the GATHER team and the Ingleton Christian community stood out as a shining example of unity and cooperation in action from the moment the GATHER team arrived on site to the last chair put away as the sun dropped almost to dusk. It showcased that faith transcends boundaries and that working together across parishes can bring out the best elements of being active Christians in our communities.


Cultivating Connections: Lights, Camera, Faith!
If you’d like to take a closer look at what happened at Ingleton Pavilion, don’t think you’ve entirely missed out! Cultivate filmed the event with the plan to share it at the upcoming Cultivate Conference in October. Before the Gathering, the leadership team sat down for interviews, giving us insights into their vision for GATHER and its role within the broader context of Diocese-wide Cultivate 100.


A Faithful Journey Continues
Looking ahead, it’s time to be excited about what's next. GATHER have their next meetup in Staindrop Academy on October 2nd at 7pm, another chance to come together in faith. This is a change in venue so if you’ve already saved the date do update the location - the team has had to respond to those curious by switching to a larger venue so they could match God’s plans for our area!" And for those curious about what we've been up to, the film from tonight will be shown at the Cultivate Conference on October 5th-7th. It's a chance for our faith story to be shared with a wider audience and we’re excited to have a number of the leadership team attending.

Written by the Gather Team

First published on: 19th September 2023
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