Covid Guidance

The situation with Covid-19, and therefore the current advice, changes rapidly. It is important for all churches to ensure that risks are assessed in the light of the most recent guidance, and that plans for making our activities as safe as reasonably possible are made in the light of that.

The very latest guidance for churches during the pandemic can be found the national Church of England website. 

The site also has some excellent resources and information on live streaming church services.

For those unable to gather with others in church, for whatever reason, the national Church of England offers a weekly online service. You can sign up for news and updates, and ‘watch again’ the services that have already been broadcast. Visit this page for more details.

There are some helpful resources produced by officers in the Diocese of Durham during the pandemic. Enter ‘Covid’ into the search bar at the top of this web page to see all the web pages and Downloads with a pandemic reference. 

If you have a more specific question not answered by any of these resources, contact the relevant officer, who will be pleased to advise.

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