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Ukraine - A Call to Prayer

In response to the Russian attack on Ukraine, Bishop Paul and Bishop Sarah have released the following statement.

The situation in Ukraine is clearly very grave and deeply concerning. In the midst of it all, we have hope that God is working out God’s mysterious redeeming purposes. Our prayer is for peace. Prayer is the powerful ‘weapon’ God gifts to us. So together with other leaders in the Church of England, and our fellow Christians, we call you to pray for Ukraine, its leadership and people; to pray for Russia and President Putin. Three specific calls to stop and pray:-

SUNDAY February 27th – in our church intercessions a focus for prayer for Ukraine.

TUESDAY March 1st 6pm – Join with the Diocese of Europe’s Call to Prayer for Ukraine

ASH WEDNESDAY March 2nd – join with the Pope’s Call to Fast and Pray for Peace

There are many Christians in Ukraine – Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal and there is an Anglican Church in Kyiv. There are many too in Russia. We pray that the Prince of Peace who binds us together in God’s love may bring peace to all people; a peace which allows true flourishing for all.

In Christ who offers peace beyond our understanding,

+Paul & +Sarah


Please also see the statement released by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York this morning

First published on: 24th February 2022
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