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School launches Thankful Tree

In September, students at St Anne’s CE Primary School looked at what it meant to be thankful, after returning to school from a very difficult year.

In the approach to harvest, students also gave thanks to the work of local farmers, and the food that they provide.

At the end of the month, students reflected back on all they had learned and wrote down what they were thankful for on ribbons, which were then placed on their ‘Thankful Tree’.

These ribbons remind us that even when we aren’t in the best place, there is something to be thankful for.

Members of the local St Anne’s and St Andrew’s congregation also provided messages of thanks for the Thankful Tree.

We thank God for our continued time at school together this term, for the support from the community at St Anne's Church and ask for His blessing on us all as we journey through 2022.

First published on: 11th February 2022
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